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Cattle and horses have been my lively hood since I was born and for my parents before me and their parents. My cowboy poems, stories, and cowboy photos are mostly based on real cowboys and cowgirls, events or places. It is true, classic, cowboy memories written in Western Cowboy style that have been lived by me, my family or friends. I haven't been to many cowboy gatherings yet but hope to do more in the future. More about my eccentric life can be found in the bio.

Jo Lee T Riley

Hope you’ll all bare with me as I get this blog off the ground.  I may have had a false start one other time for which I ask forgiveness.

My goal is humor, inspiration, enlightenment, and compassion for anyone with a cowboy spirit.

I plan to add posts weekly but s–life happens so will do my best.  The good Lord indicated it was time to get my rear in gear so here I am.