A Mother’s Perspective

The hardest thing a mother does is let her children go.
Let them sow their seeds of life and watch their own crop grow.
Sometimes they sow the wild oats as though they do not care.
While mother watches helplessly with pain that’s hard to bare.

The bible says cleave unto your spouse and let your children go.
But while He made us from your rib and made us love you so;
you must also realize those kids grew for months inside us.
So we would give our life for them without a muss or fuss.

The Lord searched for the little lost lamb. Mothers can do no more.
It isn’t that we favor the one, so siblings don’t get sore.
Some are given skill and talent while others need to be nourished.
Mothers must use His guiding light so all know they are cherished.

From the outside looking in we tend to be judge and jury.
Just remember that is “HIS” job. Ours is to love with fury.